Probe sought of houseboat hull design
The Arizona Republic
February 6, 2001

U.S. Rep Scott McInnis, R - Grand Junction, has joined two other lawmakers in asking for a congressional review of a popular houseboat hull design that has been linked to carbon monoxide poisonings at Lake Powell, including the deaths of two Parker brothers last summer.

Late last year, published reports by researchers from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the National Park Service showed that the hull and swimming platform at the back of many houseboats trap high levels of carbon monoxide created by gasoline-powered electric generators.

People then swim into the odorless, colorless gas and are overcome by the poisonous fumes.

At least nine people have died from carbon monoxide at Lake Powell in the past decade, the researchers found, including Logan and Dillon Dixey of Parker.

Joining McInnis' effort are Arizona Reps. Bob Stump and J.D. Hayworth.


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